Melitta Wallenberg is an ancient Nosferatu descendant from Baba Yaga, who has made her haven beneath Berlin. She struggles over control of the city with the Setite Nefertiti.


Little is known of Wallenberg's early existence, other than the identity of her sire, Baba Yaga. It is known, however, that she used her command of Obfuscate to interact with the mortal world frequently, often comforting those who shared physical deformities and were shunned by their compatriots in exchange.

She traveled Europe for a long time until she and her childe and lover, Ellison Humboldt, decided to settle in Berlin, despite the wishes of Prince Breidenstein. She dwelled there for an undefined period of time, until collapsing sewers during the bombardments in World War II sent her into torpor.

She stirred with the call of Baba Yaga, and at behest of her reawakened sire, she coordinated Nosferatu activities in Berlin through Ellison and fought a silent battle to make Wilhelm Waldburg the sole prince of the city. It is speculated that she also struggled to stop the machinations of the Setite Methuselah Nefertiti. When all was said and done, she would hand control over Berlin to her sire.

Her fate following Baba Yaga's destruction at the hands of Vasilisa is not known. But Wilhelm was finally able to become the sole ruler of Berlin after his sire fell to the mysterious Blood Curse.


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