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Mega-Attributes are the superhuman Attributes possessed by novas in the Trinity Universe.

While novas may manipulate quantum to produce any effect imaginable, many manifest their power more subtly by increasing their innate capabilities to superhuman levels. These super-powered Attributes are Mega-Attributes, and include strength enough to lift and throw battleships, beauty beyond mortal comprehension, and intelligence enough to invent entire new technologies or solve the world's problems. In addition to simple improvement, however, Mega-Attributes also grant enhancements, special abilities linked to the novas incredible prowess. These include the ability to jump over tall buildings, subtly change his or her physical appearance, or read and comprehend an entire book in seconds.

Mega-Attributes in play

In low level games, just like mundane attributes, Mega-Attributes are rated from one to five dots. If the nova's Quantum goes above five dots, it is considered a high level game. Both mundane and Mega-Attributes may be raised above five dots in high level games.

A single dot in a Mega-Attribute is many times more effective than a normal Attribute. Mega-Attributes can be used in two ways:

  • Whenever the character uses a dice pool based on a mundane Attribute, she may add her Mega-Attribute dice. These dice are rolled separately, however, and each Mega-Attribute success counts as two successes. Rolls of 10 count as three successes.
  • Mega-Attribute dots may be used to reduce the difficulty of a roll on a one-for-one basis.

A player may choose to split Mega-Attribute dots between extra dice and reduced difficulty in any way he or she chooses.


Unlike other Mega-Attributes, Mega-Strength does not add dice or reduce difficulties for Strength-based rolls. Instead, a nova with Mega-Strength gains 5 automatic successes for such rolls for each dot of Mega-Strength.


In addition to the above rules, Mega-Stamina also radically increases a nova's soak and healing time, and may also grant additional health levels.


Enhancements are special qualities of a nova's Mega-Attributes. When a nova first acquires a particular Mega-Attribute, they also acquire one free Enhancement. These include such powers as being able to create an earth tremor by stomping on the ground, adapting to survive in hostile environments, seeing into the non-visual spectrum or so impressing foes with their personality that they are unable to hurt the character. Additional enhancements may be purchased with nova or experience points.

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