For other uses of the names or titles "Medusa" and "Matriarch", see Medusa and Matriarch.

Medusa, also referred to as the Gorgon and the Matriarch, is a Nosferatu methuselah that escaped becoming blood bound to her sire, Absimiliard. Her broodmates Baba Yaga and (possibly) Melachoate have also escaped the same fate.

Some speculate that the "Matriarch" might be just another epithet for the little grandmother, Baba Yaga herself, although her Embrace took place a whole millenium before Baba Yaga was allegedly given the Embrace. Be that as it may, legend tells that she dwelled in Europe, and most Nosferatu that were Embraced in those lands can trace their lineage back to her. Angiwar, one of her earliest progeny, told that he met his sire weeping blood at the Main, mourning that her "siblings" want her death and that her sire hates her.

According to some, all Nosferatu that do not trace their lineage back to the Nictuku can be traced instead to the progeny of the Matriarch.


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