Mediums: Speakers with the Dead is a supplement to Wraith: The Oblivion that covers mortals who can communicate with the dead.


From the White Wolf catalog:

They're Breaking on Through from the Other Side
The Restless Dead aren't silent. They're just bursting with thoughts and ideas that they'd love to share with the living. It's one of the drawbacks of being dead, after all. That's where you come in. Ready for the secrets of the Restless Dead? You'd better be.
Hear the Whispers From Beyond the Grave
Mediums: Speakers with the Dead is a guide to mortals who can speak with the Restless Dead — and not just those mortals who want to listen. From the Boardwalk to corporate boardrooms, from the mean streets where Spectre cultists huddle to the places where the Ghost Dance still continues, mortals who can see across the shroud are everywhere. And you just might be one of them.


Ghost Story: The Sound of Silent EchoesEdit

Chapter One: IntroductionEdit

Chapter Two: On the BoardwalkEdit

Chapter Three: The Good, the Bad and the IncompetentEdit

Chapter Four: Old FriendsEdit

Chapter Five: The Godly and the DamnedEdit

Chapter Six: From Obsidian NightsEdit

Chapter Seven: New FacesEdit

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This book was the Wraith: The Oblivion signature book for the Year of the Ally.

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