Medicine is the Nunnehi term for Glamour.

Glamour & Banality Edit

Because they are able to tap the natural world for Medicine (Glamour), Nunnehi tend to have slightly higher levels of beginning Glamour (Medicine) than other changelings; one additional dot of Medicine (Glamour) is therefore awarded to beginning Nunnehi characters. Conversely, they are more susceptible to Banality. When away from natural settings, difficulty factors for enchanting others are increased by one.

Gathering Glamour Edit

Nunnehi call Glamour "Medicine," a word which means "power" and was adopted by almost all the native tribes. Since they are severed from their part of the Dreaming (known as the Higher Hunting Grounds), Nunnehi cannot easily gather Medicine from human creativity (difficulties are raised by two, unless the activity is from an indigenous culture, such as a Cherokee corn dance or a Navajo sand painting). Instead, they mainly draw Medicine from Gaia herself. A Nunnehi's current Legacy determines the way in which they replenish their supply of Medicine. Dogwood People gather Medicine from trees, Rock People from rocks or earth, and Laurel People from flowering plants and shrubs. All Nunnehi may gather Medicine from pure water.

As with other changelings, Medicine may be obtained by Nunnehi in one of three ways.

  • Raiding: Ripping Medicine from the natural world.

References Edit

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