Rage card depicting Meat Pudding.

Meat Pudding is a Fostern Metis Ahroun Bone Gnawer who lives in Egypt. He is a survivor of the Jackal Fever of 1998, which killed many mortal Egyptians. One of the effects the plague is that it makes the sufferer crave meat, and in some cases, the victims resort to cannibalism. During the plague, scores of Garou (mostly Bone Gnawers and their Kinfolk) roamed the streets searching for people to eat before their regenerative abilities cured the disease. By then, many had become comfortable with eating human flesh. This would have been uncovered by the Glass Walkers if it where not for the intervention of the Eaters of the Dead, who now work with cannibal Bone Gnawers to hunt down enemy prey. Meat Pudding is one of these cannibal Bone Gnawers, and any Bone Gnawer in Egypt who arrives and discovers the horrible truth is given the ultimatum: join the Eaters of the Dead or be eaten. He is the alpha of his pack, Hungry Streets. His Metis condition is that he smells terrible even if he bathes due to his body constantly secreting a foul musk. His face is covered in still-healing boils and pockmarks from the plague, and he drools constantly. He is weaker than he was before due to the illness sapping his stamina. He usually wears only a long coat (the only clothing he bothers to don), but sometimes steals clothes from his victims. His smell is extremely overwhelming and foul. He gained his name by reducing a fomor to a bloody pulp, and he believes that the plague taught him how the order of things should be: Garou eating humans. His parents both died of the plague. He dreams of someday leading his tribe, or at least leading them in Cairo.[1] He is the Sept Leader of the Sept of Whispering Shadows.[2]

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