The Mayarap are a bloodline of Thai Buddhist Nosferatu, founded by the childer of the Naga King himself.

The Naga King, converted to Buddhism by a mysterious Kindred called the Mae Ji in the 13th century, became the Naga Monk and took to a life of meditation over his many crimes. One of his childer, Suna, reached a point when he felt he had largely mastered the Beast inside him: he no longer went into anger frenzies, and the monstrous appearance of his clan had somewhat faded. To help his sire along the road to Nibbana, Suna began to Embrace the lowest and worst of Thai society, bringing them into the temple of Wat Ning and training them to a life of contemplation. By helping each other, they help themselves, and so the entire bloodline makes its way ever closer to Nibbana.

The Mayarap have a more subtle version of the Nosferatu clan curse: rather than looking overtly monstrous, their expressions and body language are unnervingly emotionless at all times. While free of the urge to frenzy in anger, they are still vulnerable to fear frenzy. They often Embrace the unwilling, and have no difficultly torturing their neonates to get them to fall into line with the bloodline's theology. For those of the bloodline who can't get with the program, or who transgress one too many times, the Mayarap maintain a nameless temple with a deep pit open to the first rays of dawn.

As Thais emigrate beyond the borders of their kingdom, the Mayarap travel with them, sometimes hoping to preach their message to entirely new communities of Kindred. The Mayarap are of great interest to Europe's Ordo Dracul, who are often surprised to learn that a sect of philosopher-monks matched their greatest successes centuries before they did. The two organizations largely do not get along, however, as they approach the problem of the vampiric condition from two very different sets of assumptions.

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