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Real-life Events

Chronicles of Darkness Events

  • A procession of Roman priests and vestals throws 27 argei (human effigies made of reeds) into the Tiber river from the Sublician Bridge. No one knows the origins of the ritual.[1]

World of Darkness Events

  • 1230
    • The Oath-Truce is set to fall. Fae are unsure what to expect next: can they really resume warring against each other now that humanity covers so much of the world?[2][3][4]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2008
    • World Today reports on the death of Jennifer Landers. She was declared dead on arrival at 1:02am at UN Franklin Moran field hospital.[7]
    • On the Jordan McDevitt Show, Jordan and Jackie from Capitola discuss what Slider was doing working for Novelty Consulting.[8]
    • The Monika Show features parents who are upset with their teenage kids' obsession with the Teragen. Many half-truths and outright lies about the organization make it to air.[9]
    • Penetrator and Geryon bitch about The Monika Show's sensationalist crap via private OpMail.[10]
  • 2009
    • N! documentary "Jennifer Landers, A Year of Mourning" is set to air, but does not, presumably due to its content deemed unkind to Project Utopia.[11]
  • 2013
    • An OpNet poll is taken to determine the top-rated municipal defenders. The top ten are Anton "Gator" LeBec of New Orleans; Jonas "Kikjak" Kincaid of Detroit; Michelle "Corona" Medford of Sydney, Australia; The Gothic Knight of New York City, Robert "Rainbow" Rodi of San Francisco; Miguel "El Gato Negro" Esposito of Madrid, Spain; Lynette "Houston Tornado" Calendar of Houston; Malcolm "Terminus" Jackson of Atlanta; Violette "La Vitesse" Dulaire of Cologne, France; and Elizabeth "London Fog" Barton of London, England. The lowest-rated, at #71, was Sarah "Tenor" Meeks of Seattle.[12]


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