Maxwell was the Brujah Prince of Chicago from 1837 to 1871.


Maxwell ruled Chicago for 34 years, and the fact that a black man could claim such an austere office for himself (at such time in history), led the elder Inyanga to Chicago. He was deposed by Lodin in the Devil's Night of 1871 – a great fire started by a suicidal Malkavian that raged through the streets of Chicago burning 18,000 buildings (and destroying Maxwell's supporters at the same time).

The deposed Prince eluded an assassination attempt by escaping through a window, and since that time he has traveled as he saw fit, but always longing to return to Chicago. While Maxwell has gained little direct influence since returning to the city, he has seized control of the Chicago Police Internal Affairs Division. He hopes that he can eventually use this to control the entire organization.

When he heard of Lodin's Final Death, however, he immediately caught the next flight to Chicago.

Character SheetEdit

NOTE: Maxwell's first extra level of Presence allows him to create a great feeling of trust among a group of people. His second level prevents his foes from spending Willpower to negate his Presence. In order to use Willpower against him, the character must make a Self-Control roll (difficulty 8), Maxwell carries a silver plated cavalry sabre with which he has trained extensively.



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