Sir Matthew Lubbock is an old world Toreador methuselah, and the sire of Christopher Houghton.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Sir Matthew Lubbock's early life, but what is known is that he awoke from torpor in the mid-seventeenth century and was one of the Toreador hostages of the Ventrue court in London. Soon after awakening, Lubbock began courting a young mortal boy called Christopher Houghton. At the boy's thirteenth birthday, Sir Matthew succumbed to desire and embraced him.

Following the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie, Lubbock took his childe and fled from London to Boston, where the pair witnessed the entirety of the American Revolution. In the 1820s, Lubbock challenged Christopher to create a work of art that he could show to the Toreador of the New world. Christopher, who had developed a reputation of being a poseur, accepted the challenge and went to work on his masterpiece, "The Gates of Heaven".

After nine months, the young childe of Sir Matthew had finished and unveiled his work to almost the entire Toreador clan of New England at a kindred social event. The painting was deemed horrible and Sir Matthew's position within the Toreador community had been all but destroyed. He disowned Christopher, telling him to never again darken his doorstep. Christopher fled from Boston, eventually arriving on the west coast of the United States.

While Sir Matthew disappeared from kindred history at this point, Houghton is still extremely paranoid that, even nearly two hundred years later, one night Lubbock will return pursuing revenge for the immense shame Christopher brought upon him.

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