Matteo was a ghoul in the service of Alfonzo of Venice during the Dark Ages, that was eventually Embraced for his services.


Matteo was the closest assistant of Bishop Alfonzo in Constantinople. He had been with Alfonzo since he was a boy, but hailed from a small city in the mountains instead of Constantinople itself.

The Lasombra bishop turned him into a ghoul because he was proud of the boy's performance; he had a mind for intrigue and showed more courage than Alfonzo would have given him credit for. In 1206, Matteo was turned into a vampire by Lucita, but remained at Alfonzo's side as his "collateral".

Although Matteo was a loyal follower of Alfonzo, he grew critical of the Prince's excesses and rites that were styled after the Cainite Heresy. With the rise of the Inquisition, Matteo searched for a way to depose Alfonzo for his own good without killing him.


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