Matt Case is an intern of Bishopsgate investigating the case of the Doppelgänger.


Note that I'm not suggesting there is a ghost present in Bishopsgate, I'm simply stating that something is going on, and it requires us to keep open minds about possible causes.

A much more open-minded (or, perhaps, credulous) individual than many mortals in the Chronicles of Darkness, Case is a student intern working on research for his master’s thesis. To that end, he has been interviewing a number of patients who shared a story of a monster in the East Wing capable of appearing as different people depending on the observer. Case is of the opinion that it is likely a ghost to blame, though he tries to hedge his words somewhat.

Unfortunately for Case, the other staff of Bishopsgate take his report not at all seriously, reminding him it's best to "not open our minds so much that our brains fall out, OK?"


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