Matasuntha, "The Hun", was a Gangrel methuselah of the East, who was well known for her dislike of cities.


Barbarian InvasionsEdit

In 400 CE, Matasuntha made the call to a Great Gathering, which many Gangrel attended, thanks to animal servants that spread the news. There, she defeated all challengers to her claim of rulership and led the attending Gangrel in the wake of barbarian invasions into Roman territory against the Ventrue rulers of Rome.

Matasuntha's rampage lasted until 403, when she accepted the challenge of a methuselah of an unspecified Clan. The two retreated on a lonely mountaintop in the Alps and neither returned. Some Gangrel believed that Matasuntha still lies in torpor somewhere in the frozen mountains, waiting for blood to rise again and finish her march on Rome. Others claimed that she had actually awakened during the Dark Ages and plotted the downfall of feudalism.

Matasuntha's demise led to the crumbling of her horde and accusations within the Clan flew around as her followers blamed those Gangrel that had chosen to avoid involvement (and especially those that had chosen to defend Rome) for the failure of the campaign.

Dark AgesEdit

For five hundred years she was gone. In the early 900s, she re-appeared in the Alps, looking more like a tiger than before and much subdued. Apparently, her long disappearance had left her hungry, for many Cainites disappeared from Italy and Germany during the first few years of her return. To the few who survived the encounter, Matasuntha spoke of a battle with a vampire in the catacombs beneath Rome, and of her long years of torpor.

It is said that the Hun is returning to form with wounds healed and hunger sated. She seeks out the Gangrel, speaking to them of the Grand Gather she intends to call. Times are not the same, though. The Hun has competition in the West with the All-High ruling the North. As well, many of the new Gangrel know nothing of the nights of glory of which she speaks and do not heed her.



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