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Dr. Massimo Pallottino was an Italian archaeologist and the world's leading expert on Etruscan archaeology.


He was also part of an ancient lineage of Etruscan priests, loosely associated with the Euthanatos. In early 2003, he and his apprentice, Roderigo Sdoia, uncovered the tomb of an ancient liche named Larth. When they discovered it, Pallottino appeared to be distracted and was most eager to open the tomb.

Pallottino and Sdoia entered the tomb against the wishes of the rest of the group.  Pallottino was taken captive by the spectres commanded by the liche. Speaking in the forgotten language of the Etruscans, he hoped to soothe him by convincing him that he was not a servant of Rome. The arrival of Gawain Alexander and Jezebel Lee of the Order of Hermes, caused Larth to kill Pallottino for "betraying" him to the "Cult of Mercury."