Masquerade is a term used to describe the Kindred tradition of hiding their existence from mortals.


Do not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so forfeits your claim to the Blood
  — The Masquerade Tradition

The Masquerade are the efforts and system of laws required by the Tradition of Secrecy to hide Kindred existence from the mortal world. According to the Masquerade, vampires must act as mortals do when in the company of the living.

This law is more than a social requirement; it reflects an inherent part of vampiric nature. A Kindred’s reflection (and any photographs or video) appears slightly blurred or grainy. This effect is not enough to stand out at first glance (viewers often assume there’s a flaw in or dirt on a lens or mirror), but it is enough to make identifying individuals and their features very difficult (a vampire can suppress this effect for a scene if you spend a point of Willpower).


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