Mary Crimson is a Seelie Redcap Childling in the Kingdom of Albion.

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Mary Crimson

This good-natured redcap and her brother Mick established the bar 2Right in 1990, and since then business has been steadily increasing. In a time when most of the nearby clubs catered to the "pretty people," who sipped sweet mixed drinks and tried not to took desperate for a date, 2Right was an atavistic temple of dance, rebellion and release. With help from an anonymous adult backer (who some believe to be a mage), the two were able to navigate the legalities necessary to make the club a reality.

Though Mary is in fact only 12 years old, she has an ageless quality about her that has allowed her to pass for 16 or older in the right light. It helps that she is rather tall for her age (5'6") and more physically mature than most other girls her age. But more than anything, her attitude conveys the rebelliousness and energy normally associated with teenagers. And for those occasions when a bobby tries to nab her for truancy, she has several student ID cards from universities around the city that can usually pass for authentic even without help from a cantrip.

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Mary is a sweet-faced punk with spiral-shaved, crimson-dyed locks and hazel eyes. Her favorite outfit is a worn T-shirt that's imprinted with a dictionary definition of "f^<k" and the various ways it can be used in conversation, over cut-off jeans. She generally tells people that she's 17, and she's just bollocksy enough to make most people believe it.

Personal Edit

Mary loves to stir things up, and will often go out of her way to instigate trouble just to see what will happen. But she doesn't mean any harm by it, of course... sometimes it's just hard to get people to say what they really feel when they're being all guarded and polite. The one thing she will not tolerate is people acting phony. Play-acting is all well and good in a pantomime, but she wants to be spared of it in the real world.

References Edit

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