Martial Arts is an Ability in several Storyteller System games. In several games (Kindred of the East, Exalted, and the Trinity Universe games) it is given a position of prominence, but in most others it is only a Secondary Ability. In most games, Martial Arts is either complimentary to or a replacement for the Brawl Ability.

In WOD: World of Darkness: Combat Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, Martial Arts is used as a prerequisite for a number of fighting styles (mechanically derived from those first seen in Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game), which are based on systems of martial arts found in the real world or the World of Darkness. Kindred of the East uses a similar but heavily streamlined system, in which martial arts are drivided into "hard" and "soft" styles. In Mage: The Ascension, the Akashic Brotherhood uses the Martial Art of Do as a fundamental component of a number of unique rotes. In Exalted,

In Exalted, the Martial Arts Ability is used as a prerequisite for a number of Martial Arts Charm trees. In Exalted: Exalted Second Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, where Brawl is completely eliminated, its function entirely folded into Martial Arts, and Exalted: Exalted Third Edition , where the Ability of Brawl exists but is directly replaced with the Martial Arts Ability when a characters learns the Martial Arts Merit.

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