Art by Christopher Shy

Mark Hallward Gillan is a mage and the signature character of the Order of Hermes.


Much information is missing or hidden from Mark’s past, but the high points are well-known among the Traditions. Mark was in the US military in his late teens, and through the study of Aleister Crowley's Golden Dawn and its brand of Hermeticism, he was brought to the attention of the Order of Hermes. Mark eventually parted ways with the military, due to his questioning of authority, and was offered an invitation to join House Flambeau of the Order of Hermes. Quickly, however, Mark butted heads with the authoritative structure of the Order of Hermes and left the Tradition, only returning at the behest of Porthos Fitz-Empress.

During his time as Porthos' protégé, Mark initially uncovered the corruption of the House of Helekar, the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy, and Voormas, but the Euthanatos and Hermetic leadership at that point colluded to destroy Mark’s reputation and cast him out of Traditions society. In disgust, Mark left Horizon and disappeared until after the Reckoning.

Mark is in his early 30s, though many say he looks older, with disheveled, dyed-blond hair (naturally black) and squinty eyes. He generally dresses in a sweater with a battered charcoal-gray leather trench coat or jacket and jeans. He avoids the obvious trappings of a Hermetic mage, but does tend to carry a number of charms and Talismans.



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