Maris Streck was the Justicar of the Malkavian clan until 2003, when she was executed by her fellow justicars for aligning herself to a network of Kindred slave traders and diablerists.


As a youth, Maris was an impoverished youth in Germany who was forced into a life of petty theft. When she targeted the estate of a Malkavian named Lutz von Hohenzollern, the vampire saw potential in her and, after breaking her mind, he Embraced her. Maris quickly acquired her sire's acute desire for justice and punishment, as perceived through her own unique notions of sin and destiny. Although she served her sire as an avenging angel for some time, she eventually realized that he inflicted his tortures in pursuit of his own pleasure rather than that of justice, and used her Disciplines to manipulate the people of Hohenzollern into destroying her sire.

Maris parlayed her skills and her strict sense of justice into a role as investigator-for-hire, beginning with a stint under the Prince of Munich and eventually including such prestigious clients as Anne Bowesley of London and François Villon of Paris. At the Conclave of the Inner Circle in 1998, Maris was named for the office of Malkavian Justicar, and easily secured the position thanks to boons called in from her past clients.

In modern nights, Maris fell in with a conspiracy of slave traders that targeted Kindred and kine alike; the exact nature and circumstances of her involvement are unknown. Theo Bell, who had been exiled from his position as a Brujah Archon by the conspirators, discovered evidence of the conspiracy's actions, and presented it to his former superior, the Brujah Justicar Jaroslav Pascek. Pascek called Streck to a meeting to discuss the matter, where she was promptly slain by the Nosferatu Justicar, Cock Robin.

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