Marina of Beacon Hills is a Seelie Satyr Wilder and lover of lore.

Overview Edit


Once upon a time, Marina the satyr was a carefree young musician. She flitted from party to party, singing with the voice of a diva, without a concern in the world. Then, the Countess of Beacon Hills, a noble lady not given to idle chatter, asked the satyr to journey into the Dreaming on a quest. The commoner accepted, thinking it an easy task to pick up a certain book at the Countess' behest. In the Dreaming, though, Marina made the mistake of loosing a riddle contest to the book's owner, a sage named Cruithne Alexis. At first, she thought her life forfeit, but the old man merely proposed to demand her services from time to time. As a token of her fealty to him, Cruithne gave her access to his immense library and a magical ring of some kind. It seems the ring allows her to enter the Dreaming whenever she is in a flower garden but its powers may be greater. Marina seems to have found the sage to be a rather self-centered fellow but appreciative of her own love of lore. The sage, of course, is not what he seems but no one knows what his game is. Thus far he has been pleased with Marina's work; looking forward to reading more about the history of the Kithain, noble and commoner alike.

References Edit

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