The Marijava were a Revenant family in service of some of the early Euthanatos of the Tal'Mahe'Ra, training as thieves and assassins, though primarily serving as spies.


The Marijava family traces its ancestry back to the leader of a Thuggee sect of robbers and assassins.  He served some of the early Euthanatos of the Tal'Mahe'Ra and, as a reward, became a ghoul.  He continued serving and eventually trained his own family in the Thuggee arts.  After they also successfully served the sect, his children and grandchildren were chosen to become ghouls and, from that point on, became a ghoul family.

The Marijava are highly educated, serving primarily as spies, and use the sect's influence to attain positions of power all over the world.  They keep watch on all manner of Blood Cults, sects, packs, gangs, coteries, and individual Kindred

Often trading information with the Nosferatu, they are said to also be connected to the Calibans of the Gypsies, though the Marijava refute this in spite their known interaction with them.  There is also conjecture that the Marijava provide information to the Rom.  Despite this, so far the family has proven intensely loyal and some are still called upon to perform daytime vampire assassinations.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Presence

Weakness: Marijava are all highly susceptible to the Blood Bond and can become Bound to a vampire with only one drink.

Morality: Marijava tend to retain their Humanity, though some follow the Path of the Scorched Heart.


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