Marie Feroux was a sixth generation Gangrel active during the Dark Ages. She committed suicide after Embracing her own son, Thomas Feroux.


In her lifetime she was the mother of Thomas Feroux, who believed his parents died tragically on a wolf attack. In truth, they were killed by a starving Gangrel who embraced Marie when he regained control of himself. Her inner Beast would have taken her completely if not for her love for Thomas. He became her last hope for saving her soul. At night she would sneak in to his room and gaze upon him, leaving just before the sun rose. 

When Thomas left his ancestral home, his mother followed, but looked on his actions with alarm and dismay. He decided to go on a pilgrimage into the Holy Land, stealing, lying, and betraying in order to finance his way. With every woman he raped, with every man he robbed, she felt the Beast clawing into her soul.

One night when he beated a woman to death, Marie could hold the Beast no longer. In wolf form she attacked and killed her own son in a murderous frenzy. Yet, as his broken body lay under her, his blood staining the wood floor, pity and sadness touched her heart. Raging against the Beast, she dragged his body to a field and Embraced him, burying her son in the soft earth. 

Wracked by guilt and shame, she lay over his makeshift grave and awaited dawn, hoping that her sacrifice would mean Thomas' salvation. When Thomas woke up and clawed his way to the surface, the only thing he founded was his mother's pendant amidst a pile of ashes.


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