Marguerite Foccart is a Brujah anarch of the 9th generation. She is the adopted childe of Robin Leeland and a lover to the eternal rebel, Jeremy MacNeil.


Marguerite, who was Embraced just three decades before the French Revolution, came from a wealthy noble family of France. She was inspired to help the poor and embarked on a career in philanthropy and led a life of celebrity as a demimondaine (a wealthy upscale mistress) and as a stage actress.

Foccart went to Paris and became the lover of the proto-anarch Robin Leeland and stayed with him for a few years until she met Jeremy MacNeil. MacNeil struck a chord with Marguerite and she fell in love with him. She and MacNeil left for America, where they arrived on the eve of the American Revolution, hoping to promote movements for political freedom among the mortals.

Marguerite stayed for a few months, but her enthusiasm for the New World soured and she returned to France leaving MacNeil in America. She reunited with Leeland, falling into his arms once more and remaining there until the 1940s.

In 1944, she heard of MacNeil’s rebellion back in California and her love for him resurfaced and she left with Leeland's blessing to aid him in founding the Anarch Free State. They were successful killing the Prince and numerous elders in Los Angeles, capturing everything between the Mexican border to San José.

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