Margaret Murphy is a Seelie Boggan Grump and founder of the Sons of Liberty.

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Margaret Murphy

Margaret was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1945. She was fostered by the former owner of The Fool's Gambit and grew up under his tutelage. She found using Glamour easy and her good nature made her a favorite with the patrons. She often wondered what the world would be like if the Sidhe returned, having heard stories of their rule, and decided she preferred things the way they were now.

She met Brian Murphy, a handsome young boggan, in early 1960 and they soon fell in love and married. In 1965 they took over The Fool's Gambit and continued its traditions of the Riddle Contest and openness to all of Kithain society that the former owners had established in previous generations. She became increasingly alarmed when she heard stories of the Sidhe returning to Earth.

With Duke Tymon's appearance in Boston, life quickly got more complicated for her. The commoners sought out the Murphys in hope that they would shed some light on the disturbing situation. Margaret and Brian soon organized people into groups to watch out for patrolling nobles. Tymon declared himself duke and proclaimed his intention to take The Fool's Gambit for the Nobility.

The night Brian died, the Night of Iron Knives, was a turning point in Margaret's life. Without him she felt lost and adrift. Though she despised the new ways and fought agains the nobility, she had never wanted kith to die. Instead her convictions were rewarded with her husband's death. She created the Sons of Liberty and became even more vocal against the Duke. The commoners rallied behind her strong leadership.

With High King David's proclamation of freedom, Margaret thought she could live a simple life again but Duke Tymon has no intention of leaving the freehold in commoner control with no noble influence. So the Sons of Liberty stay together in the vain hope that Boston will come under commoner rule again.

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Margaret appears to be a women in her early thirties but is much older. She is tall for a boggan and towers over most people but also has an angelic quality and noble bearing. Her violet eyes are ringed with flecks of silver and have a sadly haunted look to them. The jeans and sweaters she usually wears look out of place on her regal frame.

Personal Edit

Margaret speaks softly but fervently about her cause. She is a natural leader and pays heed to what those around her have to say, analyzing all the facts with her shrewd mind. She carries a burning hatred for those who wish to take the freehold away from the commoners and does not attempt to hide this fact.

References Edit

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