Margaret Mercer, granddaughter of Æon founder Maxwell Anderson Mercer, is herself greatly involved with the Society in the Nova Age. While she doesn't have the desire for leadership that Max did, she did inherit his intelligence. Despite this, only a unanimous vote from the Æon Council could override one of her decisions.


She ran multiple aspects of the Society, including Project Utopia, Project Pandora, Project Tantalus, Project Argonaut, Project Cyclops and the secretive Babel Dossier.

When the nova boom took off after 1998, Utopia was expanded and placed under the directorship of another, with Margaret's support. Other Projects followed suit. By 2008, only Project Pandora and the Babel Dossier remain under her control, and Pandora is transferred to the control of Max Mercer once he returns in that year.

Maggie Mercer, as she is also called, enjoys extreme sports in her leisure time.

Other Notes Edit

Although we know that Michael Maxwell Mercer is Max Mercer's son, and Margaret is Max's granddaughter, it is never explicitly stated that Michael is Margaret's father. Due to a lack of evidence of other members of the Mercer family, we have assumed that she is Michael's daughter.

It has been suggested (by Bruce Baugh) that since Max Mercer was a jack-of-all-trades and master of disguise, Margaret's father Michael may, in fact, be Maxwell in disguise. In which case, Margaret is not Max's granddaughter, but his actual daughter.

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