Dr. Marcus Jackson is a Euthanatos mage who works as a university professor. In January 2003, Jackson received a message from the Rogue Council on a chalkboard in his classroom, warning him of a threat arising in Italy. The message instructed him to send "the knight and his squire" to address this threat rather than going in person, which Jackson interpreted to mean his colleague Gawain Alexander of the Order of Hermes and Alexander's apprentice Jezebel Lee. He asked Alexander to keep a journal of their time in Italy.

After Alexander and Lee defeated the liche Larth, Lee mailed Jackson a disc containing Alexander's journal, which Jackson annotated before passing along to the Acaryas of his Tradition. Alexander noted that Jackson would have been hopelessly outclassed as a necromancer by the liche, but that he and Lee were able to defeat it with a combination of Forces and Spirit magic. Jackson's final annotation notes that Alexander was abducted by the Panopticon and his fate remains unknown.

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