Marco Singe is the so-called "Pain Prophet" of New Delhi. His testament describes an elaborate mythos of ancient, unrecorded history between the "God-Machine," its First Children (Angels or Ancient Ones), its Second Children (anthro-bestial Demons, though these do not resemble Unchained at all), and its Third Children (Humans). His account of the sky-city that the God-Machine built, and of its destruction, sounds like a distorted account of Atlantis, particularly in the God-Machine's prophecy: "What rises must fall. What has fallen may rise again."[1] His family later founded the Deva Corporation, a powerful Indian conglomerate which hopes to one day control the God-Machine.

Background Information

Marco: A form of Marcus, a Latin forename which ultimately derives from Mars, the Roman god of war. source
Singe: 1. "To burn superficially, scorch." 2. Either a misreading of, or meant to evoke, the traditional Sikh surname, which means "lion" in Sanskrit. source


  • "What rises must fall. What has fallen may rise again" may be a reference to the Tower of Babel, a myth in the Biblical Old Testament. At that time mankind shared a common language, men came to Mesopotamia and decided to build a city of burnt brick. They then began to build a tower which would reach the sky to make a name for themselves, and serve as a rallying point for humanity. God came down to look at the city and with that infinite wisdom He possesses realized that with one language, nothing could stop mankind from achieving anything they wanted. He therefore decided to confound language so no-one could understand each other.


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