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  • 1981
    • David Scondras, a director of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, receives a letter of inquiry from Dr. Aaron Richards of the Æon Society dated this date. Evidently, Richards is aware of what Scondras thought was a private letter to Governor Harris, asking for a declaration of medical emergency (based on findings of a CDC colleague); is responsible for halting that declaration (or else is speaking on behalf of the responsible Æon parties); and requires that the patient in question be transferred to a private Æon facility in New Jersey.[1]
  • 2003
    • Team Tomorrow stages a dramatic rescue of the space shuttle Discovery after it is struck by a sizable meteor. The strike knocks the shuttle off-course and ignites an oxygen tank. The entire crew survives. This event marks the point at which governments begin to consider novas for space operations and exploration.[2][3][4]

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