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== Old World of Darkness Events ==
{{March 21}}
* '''[[1330 (oWOD)|1330]]'''
** [[Paris University Purge]] begins. Assassination-by-[[Scourge]] of [[Andreas Litolff]], ''bani'' [[House Bonisagus|Bonisagus]], followed by [[pogrom]]. [[Cosian Circle|Cosians]] and [[Cabal of Pure Thought|Gabrielites]] hunt magi throughout Paris. {{ref|sorcrusade55}}
== Trinity Universe Events ==
*'''[[2000 (TU)|2000]]'''
** Having consolidated his hold on the Mafia in the wake of [[Team Tomorrow|T2M]]'s crime-busting, [[Luciano Camparelli]] phones his counterpart in the Russian Organizatsiya to propose a merger of their interests into what will become known as the [[Camparelli-Zukhov megasyndicate]] (C-Z for short).
* '''[[2008 (TU)|2008]]'''
** [[N!]] Director of Programming, [[Monique Dufresne]], sends a memo to [[Bryan Clain]], her assistant. [[Geoffrey Glass|Geoff]] wants new faces. Sexy, weird, exotic, disturbing. Possibly even the Teragen. Perhaps a small change, such as grabbing someone from [[Nippontai]].
== References ==
* {{note|sorcrusade55}} [[Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade|MTSC]]: '''[[Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade Rulebook]]''', p. 55
* {{note|abstscreen12}} [[Aberrant|AB]]: '''[[Aberrant Storytellers Screen]]''', p. 12
* {{note|abunknown}} [[Aberrant|AB]]: '''[[Unknown book]]'''
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