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  • 2000
    • Having consolidated his hold on the Mafia in the wake of T2M's crime-busting, Luciano Camparelli phones his counterpart in the Russian Organizatsiya to propose a merger of their interests into what will become known as the Camparelli-Zukhov megasyndicate (C-Z for short).[citation needed]
  • 2008
    • N! Director of Programming, Monique Dufresne, sends a memo to Bryan Clain, her assistant. Geoff wants new faces. Sexy, weird, exotic, disturbing. Possibly even the Teragen. Perhaps a small change, such as grabbing someone from Nippontai.[6]
    • Gabriel Melchior delivers what ends up being his final speech to the members of the Church of the Immanent Escheaton and disappears.[7] The church claims he had been bodily taken to Heaven, and the media assumed he had self-destructed in an attempt to overreach his own capabilities.[8] In actuality, Project Proteus operative Argent created an impressive display of pyrotechnics and warped Melchior to Bahrain.[9]
  • 2118
    • Robert Zameki, Assistant Director, Neptune Division, sends a message to Laura Yale, Proteus Division. The contract is confirmed; someone will try to kidnap Dr. Marc Sandoni in the next week. The problem is that he's a Notouch.[13]


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