Marcellus Rufus is an elder Lasombra residing in Las Médulas. He remained unaffiliated with every group that tried to rule over Spain, defending his territory against anarchs, Sabbat, and even innocent miners.


Born as the son of a Roman merchant family, Marcellus grew bored with the urban lifestyle and decided to join the Roman military. Inexperienced in the basic three areas – gambling, drinking, and whoring – he soon found himself indebted, addicted to wine, and with many rivals for the favor of a particular courtesan.

With the arrogant assumption that his family name would protect him, Rufus was caught by surprise when his enemies decided to consolidate their power and caught him. He was sold into slavery to the mines of Las Médulas, everyone believing that he had been slain by a barbarian raid.

Although most slaves succumbed to the heavy tasks and the cruel taskmasters, Rufus thrived, holding himself against the mythical tales of conduct of his family, refusing to die like a slave. This mindset proved to be his salvation, as the powerful Lasombra Boukephos visited the mines and was impressed by his noble bearing and his calculating mind.

Marcellus followed his sire in his travels, but something always drew him back to the mines. When Boukephos released him, he returned there, after visiting Rome and finding his family in poverty and their mansion in the ownership of a fat and virtueless merchant.

Although he rarely took part in the Courts of Blood and other Clan affairs, Marcellus Rufus was always ready to trial a childe he deemed not worthy to belong to the clan. During the Shadow Reconquista, he, as a dutiful worshipper of Jupiter, refused to take sides, instead granting everyone sanctuary who would forsake the conflict.

More than a hundred years later, in the middle of the twentieth century, he grew so disgusted with the modern world and its petty conflicts that he willfully entered torpor, awaiting the coming of an more honorable world.

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