María Sandoza is a Lasombra who has been the Grand Inquisitor of the Sabbat since 1973.


No fire burns more brightly than the flame of truth. One way, or the other… you will burn.
Embraced at fifteen years old, she is eerily beautiful. Her round face looks almost innocent with her delicate features, large blue-green eyes, and face framed with long black curls. She is petite, despite her station, but most know to fear her small form than to question the small woman's role within the Sabbat Inquisition, as her small frame hides a great power.

Most Catholic Cainites also tend to relate her to Joan of Arc. The analogy is apt, as María models herself after the martyr. While she had, at one time, dressed in knightly armor, modern nights finds María in clothing flattering yet modest, often opting for clothing of either practical nature (she still maintains a set of medieval battle armor) or, for when she absolutely has to present herself in formal attire, robes of either red (as necessary for her role as an Inquisitor) or blue/black (for her personal attire).

In 1970, she was the sole survivor of a great battle against a corrupted Black Hand cell in El Paso, Texas. The episode became famous as the El Paso Massacre, an epic confrontation in which former Grand Inquisitor Julian met his Final Death fighting his own mentor. Three years later, she took the Julian's vacant position.

While in office, she sent two Knight Inquisitors, Krieg and Elisa Karini, to investigate the demonic dealing among the Cainites of Montréal. After their disappearances, she sent Mercy and Kervos to shake things up in the city in 1997.



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