Manuela Cardoso Pinto is the current Justicar of the Brujah clan, who was elevated in 2011.


Manuela originates from Brazil, where she held the office of Sheriff of Natal. While she disdains the Sabbat, she is not above using their tactics. Cardoso Pinto takes a hard stance against the Anarch Movement and this, along with her experience and connections, endears her to the Inner Circle.

She is the personal nemesis to the anathema Francisca dos Santos Rodriguez. She first learned about Francisca in 2009. As a Josian, Manuela was tasked with hunting down a powerful infernalist to protect the artifacts and grimoires hidden away in the local Roman Catholic churches. Francisca had already been investigated by the time Manuela got involved in the hunt, and the local Archons helped uncover basic details about her life, hoping those facts would lead to the discovery of her sire and lineage.

In addition, her lineage has a long feud with Mama Lion and Smiling Jack that goes back to her grandsire. She tends to punish Anarch communities harsher if they are rumored to have housed Smiling Jack and begins to consider leading an expedition against his rumored hideout in Madagascar.


Cardoso Pinto is a short woman with dark skin, short cropped hair, and amber eyes. She rarely goes without weapons, her favorite being a machete, though she is a deadly unarmed combatant. She speaks several languages and enjoys reading poetry in its original tongue – a hobby she keeps to herself lest it diminishes her fearsome reputation. Lastly, the Justicar is well-versed in naval tactics.


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