Manual of Exalted Power: Dragon-Blooded is a fatsplat for Exalted featuring the Dragon-Blooded, or Terrestrial Exalted. It was first released in 2006, and was the first entry in the Manual of Exalted Power series for Exalted Second Edition. Unlike the previous sourcebooks on the Exalts for Exalted First Edition (in this case Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded), the Manuals of Exalted Power only cover the Exalts themselves; general information on the Realm and Blessed Isle was separated into other sourcebooks in the Compass series.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Guide to the Princes of the Earth
Gifted with power by the Five Immaculate Dragons, the Terrestrial Exalted once formed the backbone of the Solar Deliberative's grand army.
Then, when the Solars went mad with power, the Dragon-Blooded Host rose up as one to slay the tyrants and set the world aright.
Can the Dragon-Bloods hold onto the reins of power, or does the return of the Solar Exalted mean the hegemony of the 10,000 Dragons is at an end?
A character sourcebook for Exalted, Second Edition


Chapter One: The Scarlet DynastyEdit

Chapter Two: The OutcasteEdit

Chapter Three: Character CreationEdit

Chapter Four: TraitsEdit

Chapter Five: CharmsEdit

Chapter Six: Martial ArtsEdit

Chapter Seven: StorytellingEdit

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