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Authors: Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, Daniel Dover, Michael Goodwin and Dustin Shampel
Comic Scripter: Carl Bowen
Developers: John Chambers and Dean Shomshak
Editor: Carl Bowen
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Production Manager: matt milberger
Art Direction: Brian Glass
Artists: Tazio Bettin, Misty Coats, Chuck Collins, DPI Studios (with Aaron Norell and Jason Brunner), Andy Hepworth, Jeff Holt, Imaginary Friends Studio (with Kingmong, Scabrouspencil, Junkman, YJL and Zhi Xian), Ryan Kinnaird, Saana “Kiyo” Lappalainen, Aaron Nakahara, Pasi Pitkanen, JM Ringuet, Robekka, Mark Tadurn, UDON (with Saejin Oh, Chris Stevens and Adam Vehige), Melissa Uran, and Emily Warren
Cover Art: Imaginary Friends Studio featuring Fiduciose
Book Design: Brian Glass
Layout: Jessica Mullins with Brian Glass
Brian's New Years' Bloody helper Monkeys: Melissa Boand, Craig and Erin Grant and Zack Walters
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: April 16, 2008
Pages: 242
Publication #: WW 80103
Reference #: ISBN 978-1-58846-612-9
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: $19.99 PDF/$32.99 Hardcover

Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals is a fatsplat for Exalted featuring the Abyssal Exalted, dark reflections of the Solar Exalted.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Guide to the Knights of the Underworld
Gifted by the Deathlords with the corrupted Essences of Solar Exalts, the Abyssal Exalted are perhaps the greatest extant threat to Creation and its Exalted defenders. Frozen at the brink of death and offered immense power in exchange for servitude to the Neverborn, these so called knights of death ride forth with one shared mission, to drag the world and all that lives into the Void at their masters’ behest.
Will the Abyssals succeed at their abhorrent task, or will the faint echo of their lost lot as heroes drive them to redeem themselves and, just maybe, rejoin the ranks of the Sun’s Chosen?
Abyssals includes:
  • Details of the Deathlords, their goals and their terrible powers
  • Everything players and Storytellers need to generate Abyssal Exalted characters, including their Charms
  • Rules for necrotech, an occult science dedicated to building wonders from the corpses of the dead

The Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals is a supplement for Exalted Second Edition.



Chapter One: The Chosen of the VoidEdit

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Chapter Five: CharmsEdit

Chapter Six: Necrotech, the Science of DeathEdit

Chapter Seven: Abyssal StorytellingEdit


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