Mano is an outcast Kokua Kumu of the Menehune.



Living a lonely existence in Kaunolu Bay Village is a mad, old, native beach hermit. At least, that is what the tourists believe him to be. He is actually a Menehune outcast, a Kauwa. Such outcasts are extremely rare these days, when the Menehune need all the help they can get. But this fellow, who calls himself Mano (the shark), proved too violent for Menehune society. After breaking many taboos, he was caught on his final attempt to reach a sacred refuge. Rather than killing him, the Menehune chief, Chief Makani, exiled him to this village.

Mano is one of the rare old-style Kokua and his totem is Shark. He swims into the water daily to scream and yell hate at the local pod of dolphins who run off any sharks who come near. The tourists laugh at his eccentric behavior, but it is a matter of great import to Mano: he cannot enter the Umbra outside of a shark's presence. He has tried to sneak away many times to find a more shark-friendly beach, but his magically imposed exile prevents him.

He will promise the moon and the stars to any changeling who can help him break his exile, which he will say was unjust and evil. He will make the rest of the Menehune out to be evil, primitive fae who love to sacrifice haole (foreigner) fae for Glamour.


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