Manetho the Younger, also using the pseudonym Josue Pagnol, was a scholar and historian of the Follower of Set in the Modern Nights who correspondended with various Kindred historians and scientists, lying about his heritage as he knew that no one would accept a Follower of Set amidst their ranks. Little is known about him personally, except that he was born in France and raised as a christian.

Frustrated with his Clans love of mysticism, he was determined to find the true story of his Clan and was well-versed in both Setite theology and history, able to decipher most of the myths that are told to young neonates and gave exclusive inside looks into his Clan, allthewhile maintaining a scientific onlook of the matters he presented, like the questions of vampiric corruption in Carthage.

Although he retained sympathy for the Clan, the devolvement into vice-mongers and drugdealers did not suited him, even if he approved of their wishes to work for themselves instead of some hoary Elders in decrepit temples. He also respected and supported the ideal of his Clan to fight the stifling influence of the cosmic order, called Ma'at, even when his own reverence for the Dark God was rather secular.

He is well known for a series of letters that he sendt to a colleague of his, revealing his true identity. Afterwards, it is recorded that he felt the call to wander to Ombos, fabled resting place of Set himself to face an unknown destiny.


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