Mancheaka was a childe of Haqim who served as the Eldest of the Assamites in the Second City.


During the first Baali Wars, Mancheaka was a judge who led the Children of Haqim and their allies and servants on a rapid overland march, determined to reinforce the Second City before it fell. Near dawn, as the column prepared to take shelter from the sun in a network of caverns, their outriders were obliterated by a storm of spears and flame. The main body of the force came under attack moments later. Mancheaka and her brood met Final Death holding off the attackers, but their actions bought the survivors time to take shelter in the caves.

As the remaining judges and their comrades regrouped in the sheltering darkness, they began to assemble what little knowledge they had about their situation. Several had glimpsed familiar faces among the attackers, members of the broods of Saulot, Ventrue and Lasombra who had been thought to be close allies of the Assamites. Mancheaka’s forces, it seemed, had been operating under false information for weeks — Baali sympathizers had deftly tricked the judges into stripping away many of the city’s most potent defenders.

The battle within the caves that followed was the one who introduced Ur-Shulgi into Assamite history.

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