Manaus is the capital city of the state of Amazonas in northern Brazil. It is situated at the confluence of the Negro and Solimões rivers. With a population of more than two million it is the most populous city of Amazonas, and also the most populous city of the Amazon rainforest.


The city of Manaus is an important location in the war of the Garou against Pentex Laboratories in the Amazonian rainforest. The city saw its boom late XIX century as the rubber market took off. Manaus was the center of that rubber industry, and it quickly grew its population and riches. The city even became a center for European culture in the jungle with its own opera house to serve the artistic tastes of the rubber barons.

Manaus today is the major transportation nexus in the area. From here, vehicles cross the Amazon through the river, in the air or over the Trans-Amazonian Highway. DFG, Inc. uses Manaus as its major port. Their deforestation efforts are supplied through this city and watched closely by the Hollow Heart Caern, to the north.


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