Manacle and Coin is a sourcebook for Exalted First Edition covering the Guild and its practices throughout Creation.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Merchant Princes of Creation
Many hate and revile them, yet none turn away from their visits. They are members of the Guild, a mercantile organization whose caravans and trading ships cross the face of Creation. They care not for the will of princes or Exalts, but only for profit. Some despise it, while others idolize it, but in truth, the Guild cares not if it is loved or hated, so long as those who do business with it pay their bills in full.
Masters of Jade and Commerce
Manacle and Coin details the Guild, the greatest of the world of Exalted's commercial organizations. Inside are the details of the Guild's structure and methods - and of its abominable trade in addictive drugs and slaves. Manacle and Coin also includes an explanation of the monetary systems of Creation, for Storytellers and players desiring a greater degree of realism in their Exalted games.



Chapter One: Guild History and StructureEdit

Chapter Two: Drugs - The Soft TradeEdit

Chapter Three: Slaves - The Hard TradeEdit

Appendix: Money and Finance in CreationEdit

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