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Maltheas is a fifth generation Ventrue and a Monitor of the Inconnu. He was Embraced by the Methuselah Veddartha in the 6th century CE.


With his small frame, dark curls and almond-shaped eyes, Maltheas hardly looks like the Methuselah he is. Dressed in the most current German fashions, he has come to the Convention of Thorns to oversee what happens for the Inconnu. He acts the part of the wide-eyed neonate while attending the convocation, the better to get to know some of those who may end up being his pawns (or even his rooks and knights).

Supposedly divorced from the Jyhad, Maltheas plays a secret game of control, manipulating many of the Cainites of Eastern Europe as his unwitting pieces. While he would like to see the Camarilla stabilize relations among Cainites, he also wants to keep a hand in with the Anarch faction in case he ever needs to use them. So he secretly assists both factions, but not in any way that is traceable back to him.

Maltheas' ultimate goal is to eliminate the Tzimisce influence over Eastern Europe and take a position of authority over the region's Kindred.

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