In Vampire: The Requiem, the Malocusians are a bloodline of the Ventrue clan, who are most often members of the Invictus covenant.

Nicknamed "Spiders," they are reclusive and aristocratic, focusing much of their Requiem into improving and protecting their impressive havens. Spider havens tend to be old-money mansions, built on the edges of a city and attached to large estates. The Malocusians themselves dislike leaving their homes, preferring instead to maintain contact with the outside world through servants and proxies.

Malocusians have a supernatural bond with their haven, manifested through the Discipline of Domus. A powerful Malocusian becomes almost as one with his home, seeing and feeling intruders enter, able to turn the wood and stone itself against unwanted intruders, or make it seem more welcoming and attractive in order to attract prey into his web.

The Spider is the archetypal bookish recluse, eccentric millionaire, or secretive plotter.

Note that "Presence" is not a Discipline in Vampire: The Requiem. "Presence" was the name of a Discipline in Vampire: The Masquerade; that Discipline became Majesty in VtR. Presumably, Majesty is the Discipline that was intended for the Malocusians by the bloodline's authors. Additionally, the Devotion "The Lovely or Loathsome Web" featured elsewhere in the same book is based off of both Majesty and the Malocusians' signature Discipline, Domus.

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