Malkavian Time is a Malkavian-specific talent. Only descendants of Malkav may develop it.


This Malkavian-specific talent represent a Lunatic's particular connection to her clan's shared subconscious; needless to say, it is quite supernatural by nature. It allows the Malkavian to "plug into" the floodwaters of the Madness Network and filter out messages, impulses, shared visions, and knowledge of upcoming clan gatherings. A vampire with this ability is considered by default a Malkavian, connected to the clan's Disciplines and communication network whether her sire hung around to teach her or not.

While testing for the ability, one success means that the Malkavian receives an impulse to immediately head to a specific locale – but only when the meeting is just starting. Three successes allow the Lunatic to have about a night or two's warning, and a general idea of the meeting's purpose. Five successes give the Malkavian warning a week early and a very clear vision of the meeting's focus. Six or more successes can actually be detrimental – at that point, it is entirely likely that the poor mad vampire has dipped too deeply, and is starting to receive pulses of his elders' derangements...

It is theoretically possible to actually, consciously send messages along the Network, but that does not mean that the Network is any sort of replacement (or even poor substitute) for a mobile phone. For the most part, "sent" messages that manage to make it farther than a few feet are unconscious screams that channel a Malkavian's extreme emotion or pain. For this reason, Malkavians with more than three dots in Malkavian Time can often hear a clanmate's death-scream, so long as it is in the same city.

Despite the difficulty, it is possible to send deliberate, personalized messages from one person to the next along the Network, even without Dementation. It is tough as hell, but a Malkavian can always try. To make the attempt, the player rolls Wits + Malkavian Time, difficulty 9. Success allows the Malkavian to transmit a message to one person within city limits (longer ranges are possible, but only at the Storyteller's discretion); the message can consist of up to two words per success.

Note that a Malkavian need not have any dots at all in Malkavian Time to receive those hideous little broadcasts along the clan's frayed neural network. In fact, it often drives newly Embraced clan members... well, madder than usual when the messages start filtering into their brains without any hint as to their origins.

Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet - Your "cousins" are usually surprised when you manage to make it to a gathering
Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet - You have become accustomed to the occasional Call
Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet - You can sometimes hear echoes of messages that might not be intended for you
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