Maldavis, born Carol Davis, is a Tremere-Embraced Caitiff from Chicago, who revolted against Lodin's rule and nearly managed to overthrow him.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The beginning of Davis' unlife was a meeting in a jazz club. She believed to have recognized her great-grandfather, who had been believed to be killed by the Ku Klux Klan by the rest of her family. When she confronted him, her ancestor (who had been turned into a vampire) reacted in panic and attraction, draining her dry after leaving the club and giving her a drop of his own blood, Embracing her.

But the blood Davis had received was too weak to nourish or raise her, and so she might have died under the sun's rays if not a Caitiff by the name of Richard Fulcher had found her. He took her under his wing, teaching her how to survive the night, and schooled her in the use of her powers, although he was unable to teach her Thaumaturgy. Davis eventually renamed herself Maldavis.

Among the Primogen, both the Toreador Annabelle Triabell and the Brujah Critias became interested in Maldavis. Both fed her their own blood to use her as a pawn against Prince Lodin. Soon, Maldavis found allies among the local Anarchs as well as multiple contacts among mortal society. When she began her revolt, several of Lodin's Kindred supporters were killed. The Prince had to plead before the Primogen council to withdraw their support from Maldavis, which happened in a 4:3 vote.

Afterwards, Maldavis' revolt was quickly put down. Despite the best attempts of Lodin, however, Maldavis survived and even outlived him. She has begun to gather allies among the Anarchs, with her main competitor being the Brujah Juggler.

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