Malakson Halvdan Brightskull is a Seelie Troll Wilder from Denmark.

Overview Edit

Malakson Halvdan

Ever the devoted servant, the lios alfar Malakson is a huskarl, or bondsfae, of the Jarl of Jutland in the mortal land of Denmark. Wise, brive, and stalwart, he is a pretty stereotypical troll wilder, except that he has an unusual mission: he serves as an ambassador to the Court of Neustria. Malakson is, of course, a perfect choice. Even though commoners aren't much more than prized servants in Neustria, how could anyone think Malakson is irresponsible or undignified? While he believes completely in the harmonious government of his homeland, which links commoners and nobles in joint rule, he also supports sidhe sovereignty. He dislikes the circumstances in the Galacian Confederation that have occasionally forced sidhe to flee for their lives. Though he feels the King of Neustria is sometimes a bit heavy-handed, he understands that a ruler must be strong and firm. In his rare moments of free time, he is a skilled armorer, producing brigantine mail and stout shields that are as beautiful as they are dependable. Malakson does hold the rank of knight, a traditional honor for an ambassador, but he prefers not to use his title except on the most formal occasions.

References Edit

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