An underground mystical order that largely consists of Sorcerers, Maison Liban has a lineage that traces back to House Tremere. Following the destruction of House Díedne and the betrayal of Goratrix, Pontifex Mathieu de Calice and his apprentices fled to Northern France to hide. Within a month, the conversion to vampirism erupted throughout the House.

Whilst the Tremere struggled with their new forms, Maison Liban focused their efforts on creating wards against divination in order to prevent their discovery. As Goratrix had been assigned to France, any reports of secretive Tremere activities were blamed on him, and the small group of apprentices escaped notice.

The small House de Calice took the word "liban" from the Visigoths, meaning "live, leave, survive," and renamed themselves the Maison Liban.

The surviving members in modern nights are known for the paths of Countermagic (Parma Magica), Protection from Scrying, Divination and Summoning, and Binding and Warding.

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