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Demon 20th Anniversary

Help celebrate Demon's 20th anniversary by filling out our Demon-related articles!

Game-DTF.png Demon: The Fallen pages Game-DTD.png Demon: The Descent pages
  • Add Wanted Pages: Grand Experiment, Scelestinomicon, Artifact (DTF), Anchor (DTF)
  • Add Wanted Pages: Constantinople (CofD), Sleeper Agents, Facility‏‎, Blueprint

Today in History

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Real-life Events

  • 2001
    • Released:
      • VTES: Final Nights Starter Deck: Assamite
      • VTES: Final Nights Starter Deck: Giovanni
      • VTES: Final Nights Starter Deck: Ravnos
      • VTES: Final Nights Starter Deck: Setite
      • Exalted: Promo: Exalted Window Cling

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2008
    • The sixth day of the International Circus of Monte Carlo. Included this year are many nova events.[2]

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