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Hunter 20th Anniversary

Help celebrate Hunter's 20th anniversary by filling out our Hunter-related articles!

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Today in History

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Real-life Events

Classic World of Darkness Events

  • 2003
    • Lily wakes up at 9PM. She would find that strange, except she can't remember going to sleep last night. In fact, she can't remember anything that happened since last Saturday night.[2]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2003
    • An internal Department of Defense memo details the conclusion of several DOD scientists: in short, novas can potentially do literally anything imaginable. Regrettably, as a nova increases in power, the M-R node grows, impinging on the frontal lobe. This leads to less mental stability and even personality disorders. The memo closes with: "The last thing we need is a bunch of psychos with the power of gods...."[3]


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