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Hunter 20th Anniversary

Help celebrate Hunter's 20th anniversary by filling out our Hunter-related articles!

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Today in History

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Real-life Events

Classic World of Darkness Events

  • 2000
    • Former Justicar Xaviar adresses Karsh, the Warlord of the Camarilla. He cites the old legends of his Clan about Churka, stating that he has seen proof of Churka's "giants" on the West Coast. Stating that the old legends of their Clan are true and the way of the Camarilla is delusion, Xaviar urges Karsh to join him and abandon the sect to prepare for ragnarok.[1]

Chronicles of Darkness Events

Trinity Universe Events

  • 1999
    • The World Bank responds immediately to the Moscow Crash by calling for temporary freezes on all international loan payments. International currency markets close for the week due to pressure from the International Monetary Fund. Wall Street and other world trading centers voluntarily close trading for the rest of the week to allow a thorough assessment of the situation, and to allow the panic to calm. Many governments, including the US and the rest of the G7 nations, implement emergency price controls on consumer goods.[3]


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