Maieutic Lycians are born from objects that represent uniquely human concepts: essentially, living memes.


Changelings see them as the most competitive of the Lycians, voracious learners who collect any facts or trivia they can find, especially if they can use the knowledge to further the idea they represent. Maieutics love debate and championing their own concepts, taking any opportunity to put the theory they represent into practice, mainly to prove their own idea is superior. They can come off as overbearing, but it’s only because of their enthusiasm for what they are. They want to share it with anyone and everyone they come across.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Maieutics who awaken as an unsavory concept find themselves in quite a bind. Their instinct is to spread themselves, but they generally come to realize the hurt they would cause if they did so. Compassionate Maieutics use themselves as teaching opportunities, demonstrating what’s wrong with their idea and challenging people to be better. Maieutics with fewer scruples double down on their concept, promoting themselves no matter how many people get hurt in the process. After all, if they weren’t worthy to exist and spread, wouldn’t some other idea have displaced them by now?

All Maieutics live to be utilized. The more people involved with their Guise, the more confirmation they have of their own selfworth. Major, far reaching concepts are often found in mortal institutions that promote their adoption. They provide examples of why the work is important and inspire people to keep marketing the idea. More individual philosophies tend to engage people one-on-one. Often unseen companions on the journey to selftransformation or self-improvement, they’re personal keepsakes or mementos that remind people to aspire to higher goals.

We can hit the highway and keep going. Freedom is just ahead of us.
  • Humanoid: Humanoid Maieutics work with mortals and changelings hand-in-hand as equals. They take direct action as teachers, helping people learn about the concept their Guise represents. They’ll happily be someone’s companion on a pilgrimage of self-discovery and offer insight into their philosophy. They even tag along for a short-term ride as someone indulges in their theory. They’re not picky; they just want to witness the joy and fulfillment their concept brings. They especially value changelings who are willing to help them spread their message. While they can interact individually with mortals more directly than animals or mythics, they still have difficulty interacting with the Autumn world broadly.
  • Animal: Animal Maieutics lead by their actions. They do their best to exemplify their Guise in all their deeds, believing that showing is far more instructive than telling. They demonstrate how it’s possible to live by their ideals — a beacon for others to follow. Animals are loyal companions to anyone who champions their Guise. These Lycians watch out for mortals and endeavor to remove any obstacles from their path so they can live by their ideals. For changelings, animal Maieutics fiercely protect their faerie patrons by any means necessary.
  • Mythic: Mythic Maieutics promote their Guises from afar. They’re the unseen benefactors keeping the magic and mystery of their concept alive. Their enigma draws people in with a burning curiosity to learn more. They tantalize with the promise that every question has an answer, but always leave their students wanting more. Dissatisfied philosophers come back hoping to finally figure out the puzzle. While they shun direct contact with mortals, they’re more sociable with changelings. Mythics enjoy teaming up with them to play with mortals, setting up the mystery while the changeling feeds people clues. When all goes well, both end up with Glamour from the partnership.
  • Example Guises: The first dollar bill earned by a wealthy business tycoon appears as a giant, encouraging others to work hard in order to reap the rewards of Capitalism. A vintage Mustang calls her owner to experience the freedom of the open road with her. A French statue fights tirelessly for liberty, equality, and fraternity. An old railroad spike awoken by the idea of manifest destiny promotes tourism throughout the United States. A wedding ring that joined two people in true love takes the form of a diamond cat who orchestrates situations that encourage people to confess their feelings for each other.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Know Thyself — No one knows the concept a Maieutic represents better than the Maieutic himself. Therefore, Maieutics gain a specialization in Academics based on their own Guise. They also gain 2 additional dots in Academics, even if this brings their total above 5. Finally, they cannot botch Academics rolls related to their specialization.
  • Spread the Meme — As a living meme, Maieutics have an innate need to spread their concepts. While they prefer to do so in long term, sustainable ways, they can temporarily compel anyone to follow their ideals. If they touch someone and spend a Glamour point, that person becomes a true believer in the Lycian’s concept for a scene. Changelings and other supernatural creatures may oppose this with a Willpower roll, difficulty 7.


  • Sore Losers - Maieutic Lycians can’t stand to lose a battle of ideas, doubly so if it’s their own concept being shut down by a rival. Defeat shakes them badly, degrading their ability to focus on anything until they regain their confidence. If a rival concept is chosen over the Maieutic, she suffers a +2 difficult to all of her rolls until she defeats the concept that shut her down, or performs an action that affirms the value of her own Guise — convincing someone to choose her, or bringing someone understanding. She may spend a Willpower point to focus and ignore the penalty for a turn.


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