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Magic, also known as True Magick, is the art and science of reworking reality through force of Awakened/Enlightened will and knowledge; Sometimes spelled without the “k”, leading to confusion between Static and Dynamic forms of magic(k).


In the Classic World of Darkness, magic is the imposition of one's will upon the Tapestry. It takes many forms. Generally speaking, any effect upon by which the supernatural touches on the natural, or by which the natural world is made to do something counter to the known laws of physics, may be called magic. However in practise, this term is generally resolved for mages: other supernaturals have their own terminology for the effects they can produce.

Static Magic

Main article: Linear magic

Linear magic (also "hedge magic" or "sorcery") is perhaps the most common form of magic seen in the World of Darkness, as nearly any mortal is capable of learning it. Where dynamic magic (see below) forges new paths (or steamrolls the entire forest), linear magic walks the well-worn paths in the fabric of reality. Great feats can be accomplished, but no true innovation.

While their magic isn't as powerful, linear mages have the advantage of not suffering from Paradox.

Dynamic Magic

Main article: Dynamic magic

Dynamic magic (also "true magic", "Awakened magic", or the obsolete "magick") is far more powerful than its linear counterpart. Dynamic mages reshape reality itself and, manipulating the Nine Pillars of Creation, they are theoretically capable of anything. Unfortunately, as payment for their near-infinite capabilities, they're subject to Paradox, a punishment handed down from reality for working against its rules.

Entropic Magic

Main article: Qlippothic Sphere

Entropic Magic (also Qlippothic Magic), is quite disturbing. All mages try to overcome themselves and the shackles of reality in one way or another. The Nephandi - however - take this idea to the extreme. To them, the ultimate obstacles to overcome are the taboos and morals of the human condition, adherence to sanity, and the very existence of reality itself. They do not intend to achieve a higher form of being i.e. Ascension, but strive for utter destruction and oblivion - Descension.


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