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Mages Hold Magick in the Palms of Their Hands
Mages alter reality at their very whim, but there are secrets that not even they know, and when push comes to shove, they're as mortal as you are. That's why they need you - a normal person who knows and can do abnormal things. You and your kind are their friends, allies, servants, and rivals. Mages are fighting a war for Ascension, and you've got their backs.
But You Have a 12-Gauge
Mage Chronicles Volume 2 combines the previously out-of-print Ascension's Right Hand and Halls of the Arcanum in one complete Year of the Ally sourcebook. Your last chance to be a human fighting in the trenches of Ascension.
Mage Chronicles Volume 2 Features:
  • Two of the original Mage supplements made available again in one volume
  • The last in the Year of the Ally series, for players and Storytellers
  • Core rules for playing the ordinary people who stand and fight for and against the sorcerers of the World of Darkness

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